Photo taken 8/2005 on a lovely sunny afternoon.

When considering Arkansas, many people probably have images like this in their minds. Fortunately, there is more to the Natural State than that. At least I hope there is.

Lovely young lovers Charlie and Charmaine. They have a fantastic busking act that they regularly do at the Pike's Place Market and various other farmer's markets. Charmaine is teaching us how to Flatfoot Dance and it's soooooooo fun!

I've been toying with photography for the past year. It's a very enjoyable hobby if you don't take it too seriously. I use an old Canon and a Holga (note the blurry edges made with lip balm).

My friends and I were in the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade 2005. Brooke and I were shooting stars and Leah, after a costume disaster, was a wood nymph. We threw candy at the crowd and Brooke was cool enough to roller skate.

I found this lovely dress on eBay and got it for only $60! It's c. 1920's cream colored silk with a drop waist and bateau neckline. When I gently washed it I could smell the age of it and got so excited at the idea that some flapper was probably married in it. I altered it only a bit to fit me and to fancy it up. I'll have to post some pictures from my wedding in September.

We're putting wooden taps on some shoes for clogging. I found some at Goodwill for $5. I thought they looked very old fashioned then I found this advertisement on eBay that proves it. They look just like these, but their Kenneth Cole. Right now I'm in an absolute craze over 1920's fashion.

We're leaving Seattle in a week to live in the Ozarks. We are so excited for this huge change in our lives.
We're getting married in September just before the leaves turn for autumn. I'll have to get used to all the sounds one hears in the woods. No more sirens, car horns, or noisy engines. And we're inhereting two dogs!