Pretty Fun

Pretty Fun is a fabulous new site of adorable handmade bags afforadable to EVERYONE! Sara uses vintage inspired fabrics and embellishments to make one of a kind stylish purses. She's currently having and introductory sale so check it out now.
From our trip down to Texas. Enchanted Rock State Park (one of my favorites). Posted by Picasa
Spring Cleaning Posted by Picasa

We're in the NY Times sorta!

Here's a copy of the paragraph we're described in. I'm surprised Fayettteville is even mentioned in the NY Times. I love what she says about my appearance!

10 a.m.

Market on the Square

A lot of towns have a farmers' market, but the one looping around Fayetteville's square is uncommonly engaging. On one corner is a harpist and fiddler, on another a banjo player keeping time with a young country clogger whose hip attire and hairdo would not be out of place in Lower Manhattan. The homegrown produce for sale is not typical either: sheriff leeks, mediana spinach and baby greens with edible flowers. Dan Coody, the mayor of this blue town in what is currently a red state, regularly plants himself on the sidewalk, shaking hands with supporters and amiably scrapping with opponents.
Happy Spring! Posted by Picasa
Japanese lanterns from vintage paper. Posted by Picasa
Ribbon Art. The crafts below are all from this catalogue. I love just about everything here. Posted by Picasa
Ribbon Cape! Posted by Picasa
Glorious Headbands Posted by Picasa
Garters Posted by Picasa
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Purses Posted by Picasa
Headbands? Garders? Posted by Picasa
Ribbon Purses Posted by Picasa
Summer Gal Posted by Picasa
Hop High Lulu Posted by Picasa
We did O.K. that day. Posted by Picasa
That's a microphone at my belly (note my "Rocker" hair). Posted by Picasa
Hop High Lulu at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market. Apr 1st 06' Posted by Picasa
My uke's name is Amelia. Posted by Picasa
Preferred shoes, pepto socks, and new floor Posted by Picasa
Busking at the Fayetteville Farmers Market Sept/Oct 2005 Posted by Picasa

Winter Pictures for Spring

I know it's Spring, but I just got these developed (one day I'll have a digital camera). Anyway, we had a lovely snow in February and had a wonderful time sledding and enjoying the view. Satchmo choose to sled with us, we did not force him to! You can see the shawl I made him. I never thought I'd be one of those people who puts clothes on her lap dog, but Satchmo has inspired the maternal instinct in me and it was really cold those 3 days and his particular breed was created by people instead of nature so he doesn't have some of the characteristics that would keep in warm in such weather. However, though I love taking care of him, dogs are NOT the same as children and I would never call him our "baby". At least not in front of other people.