Before & After

We experienced a devastating ice storm in January, but now with spring we have so much growing!

I wish I could take the train. . .

How great would it be if the U.S. had a clean, efficient, affordable, and reliable passenger railway system for every state?

Some Holiday Reconstruction & Upcycling

Reclaim Your Shoes!
It's cheaper and better than buying new ones
I cut the toes off these red ankle-tie ballet flats and added the fabric flowers. These are faux leather so it was easy to cut into them. Now I'm day dreaming about warm weather gardening.

I bought these at a Goodwill during my recent trip to Denver. When we travel we try to stock up on clothes from thrift and consignment stores (the shopping here is scarse to say the least). I wasn't so into the brown flower already attached so I pulled that off and added some fun and fancy wool puff balls. Much more fun.

Fancy Feather Ornamentation

My friend Roxie made me a wonderful barrette with my chicken's feathers (a big thank you to Aunt Agatha)! I love it!

Wool Felt Boots

I just saw these boots in ReadyMade and had to check them out. If they were mine I would go crazy with embroidery on them. My friend Jessica makes bags with embroidered insects and animals which are very popular around town.

New Crafts for Sale

These are my latest designs. I'm very proud that I came up with the pattern myself. We had a dusting of snow and a sick hubby which made it perfect for staying home and crafting. These little ladies will be for sale at Terra Tots in Fayetteville, AR (my fair city).
Downtown Fayetteville is having a Progressive Shopping Party on Dec. 4, 5:30 - 9:00pm. I go every year and it's so fun and cozy. I always find something wonderful. The coolest stores and galleries all participate in staying open late, serving refreshments, and giving free limo rides to each place. And to top it off, the whole downtown square is lit up with xmas lights. This year we're playing music at one of the galleries. Hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps!

ArtAmiss Fashion Show

We represented MayApple Salon & Boutique and sported Roxie & Nikki's amazing feather jewelry & accesories. Hair by Roxie, make up by Melissa. Loved it!

The Old Ladies

We've added hens to our little Eden of Delight. Above are Zelda, Aunt Agatha, and Babayaga. Our baby bunny, Pip, enjoys racing into their coop and eating their food. He's taught Uncle Wiggly to do the same. The other day, Zelda ate a worm I had accidentally thrown onto Pip's back without any notice. Anyway, they are all getting along splendidly and we hope to have clucking rabbits soon.