Conde Nast Art

Here are just a few of some of the fantastic Vogue covers from as early as the 1910's. You can find more here

Cloche Hat

This cloche hat I made from a piece of vintage kimono fabric a la 1925.

Some Bags

So I borrowed my mother-in-law's digital camera and took a few photos of some things I've made. These are all purses made with vintage and recycled fabrics.

Some Hop High Lulu Photos

See them here

Hop High Lulu in May

Here we are at one of our recent gigs. Photo by Paul Wardein.

That's my new baritone ukulele. I love it!

We'll be on the Road

We'll be leaving the beautiful Ozarks and our forest home to venture back to the Pacific NW for awhile. Paul will be rejoining his band as the guitar player instead of simply promoting the band from afar. I'll be happy to see all my lovely friends again and celebrating the marriage of two of them.
So, I won't be updating this blog as often as I like, but I will when we've settled a bit. Take care and talk to you soon!

Our Gig!

First of all, we were asked to play at the Ozark Folkways Heritage Center for the Arkansas Quilt Heritage Day. This may sound like a snoozefest to some, but it's actually right up our alley since we play traditional tunes from the Appalachians, Ozarks, and the South. Bear in mind that we rock peoples' faces!

". . .demonstrations by artists and craft guilds, pig-in-ground pit barbeque with plenty of other homecooking, and most importantly the kickoff of the Arkansas Quilt Registry."

Now, doesn't that sound like fun? You really can't go wrong with a pig-in-ground pit barbeque. This will be our second one. Apparently it's a tradition here in the Ozarks and the ones in the know go after the jaw bone.