Superman Returns?

I was recently informed of the new Superman film due out sometime this year. This is crazy news to me as I have a strong emotional attachment to the 1978 Superman. When I was 2 and a half or 3 I saw the original film on t.v. for the first time and I was so awed and spellbound by this angel of compassion and strength.
He was so good, so beautiful , and he flew! He was so magical to me that words escape me. To this day the sound track gets me excited just like when I was a little girl.
My biggest concern for the new film is the actor who plays him, but this guy seems gorgeous enough to do it. We'll see. . .


I just discovered this site. I often feel that I'm late to discover such wonderful things. This is one of the creative things up for sale. I'm thinking of all my options to sell my stuff too.

Talk about a sweet bunny!

This is just outrageous! This is my good friend Kat who lovingly sang at my wedding. I need to eat her. The Superman is one of her brothers.

1920's Ribbon Art Book

I've seen this book on eBay a few times. I imagine it has great ideas for beautifying almost anything. Ribbon isn't used as often as it should these days.
adorable salt & pepper shakers Posted by Picasa
Sheet Music Cover Art Posted by Picasa
Sheet Music Cover Art Posted by Picasa

Dress & Millinery Patterns

I saw these patterns on eBay (a lot of 20's stuff is there!). They're perfect for D.I.Y.ers.
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Satchmo discovered our main heat source. Posted by Picasa