Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Here are some pictures of the pretty town we live in. These were mostly taken in the older part of town. There is some rather thoughtless, fake, cheesy, right wing christian, rural urban sprawl created for the less evolved tourists, but fortunately much of the older part of town has remained intact and is very beautiful. Our fantastic little library is there.
The town seems to have been impossibly built up and down the sides of steep hills because of the abundance of springs which healed, quenched thirsts, and made metal magnetic. Healing water is such a lovely reason to found a town. If only the springs still flowed freely. There are so many Victorian and Edwardian buildings built on boulders and winding streets that it is amazing that modern American vehicles (i.e. egregious s.u.v.s, those giant "working" trucks that rednecks seem to like, mini vans, and hummers) are even allowed to drive downtown. Perhaps they'll make a rule about that one day.
A ton of tourists visit every year, but I don't think that Eureka Springs is known to many people besides those in the South, the Midwest, and the country of Texas. Most of the tourists have a typical look as you can imagine. It would be nice if more open minded and educated people came here. However, for a town of roughly 2400 there are many residents who are artistic, spiritual, thoughful, educated, and very open minded. They make this town very livable. The hills and forests are nice too.

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