We're in the NY Times sorta!

Here's a copy of the paragraph we're described in. I'm surprised Fayettteville is even mentioned in the NY Times. I love what she says about my appearance!

10 a.m.

Market on the Square

A lot of towns have a farmers' market, but the one looping around Fayetteville's square is uncommonly engaging. On one corner is a harpist and fiddler, on another a banjo player keeping time with a young country clogger whose hip attire and hairdo would not be out of place in Lower Manhattan. The homegrown produce for sale is not typical either: sheriff leeks, mediana spinach and baby greens with edible flowers. Dan Coody, the mayor of this blue town in what is currently a red state, regularly plants himself on the sidewalk, shaking hands with supporters and amiably scrapping with opponents.

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